Audit Assistance and Avoidance Package

Protection if your tax return is audited or reassessed by Canadian Taxing Authorities

In its 2019 budget, the Government of Canada committed over $150 million over five years to fund new audit programs and extend current ones. With the fiscal deficit expected from the government programs introduced in 2020, we can expect increased scrutiny and an increase in the number of audits. The CRA conducts a large number of processing reviews, verification programs, as well as data matching and examination programs for taxpayers based on who falls outside of their benchmarks. Defending yourself from a CRA audit can be costly and time consuming, even when nothing wrong is found, that is why we are proactively offering the Audit Assistance and Avoidance Package. Participation is optional, but joining the Package can bring you the peace of mind knowing that you will not have any surprise costs throughout the year for a one-time flat fee.

What is the Audit Assistance & Avoidance Package?

In case of Audit…

  • MPW will review the tax return, help make any required adjustments, and provide assistance with any correspondence to and from the CRA.
  • Provide full-service representation during the audit as well as help through pre or post assessment reviews of the tax return and supporting documents.
  • Our staff are with you from the moment you are contacted or receive correspondence from a taxing authority until your situation is resolved.
  • The Audit Assistance and Avoidance Package covers our professional fees, when a pre or post assessment, official audit, enquiry, investigation or review is initiated by the CRA or other federal or provincial revenue agencies and you are requested to act or respond.
  • Annual fees are based on coverage needs. Business pricing is based on gross revenues, the owner’s personal tax return would then also be included.
  • Prices range from $180 for single, simple personal tax returns, up to $4,120 for a business with gross revenues over $50 million. A business with gross revenues under $1 million is covered for $495 per year. For businesses, all shareholders are covered.
  • These annual fees are tax deductible for businesses.

How does the Package work?

There is always a chance that the CRA may audit your return. Even 100% accurate returns can get audited, and require a timely response to confirm information submitted from a requested review.

If any of the following situations come up:

  • You receive a notification that your tax return is under pre-assessment review, under processing review, or being reviewed under a special assessment program.
  • Amounts on your notice of assessment do not correspond to what you filed.
  • Your tax return has been reassessed, or
  • Your tax return is being audited.

MPW will…

  • Explain your options, develop a strategy, and review your documentation before presenting it to any taxing authority.
  • Defend your tax return through the entire audit process, ensuring to minimize any financial impact.
  • Schedule and attend all audit appointments on your behalf.
  • Meet the appointed auditor and work jointly with the CRA to ensure that the audit is completed with minimal stress to you.

At the conclusion of the audit, we will go over the findings, and if there is a reassessment, we can meet with you without the auditor to ensure that you are satisfied with the results.

Any settlement reached will have your final approval and consent.

What’s included in the package?

  • Any required response with the CRA or any other Canadian government taxing authority including provincial finance departments.
  • Pre-assessment reviews.
  • Handling of all communications, including letters and/or telephone calls.
  • Covers current returns and any returns we have previously filed.
  • Audits, enquiries, investigations and reviews relating to:
    • Corporate Tax – post assessment reviews such as line items for professional fees, ATTC, small business deduction, vehicle expenses, etc.
    • Personal Tax including:
      • Processing Review Program (e.g. donations, tuition, RRSP excess contribution, childcare etc.)
      • Matching Program
      • Special Assessment Program
      • Slip requests
    • Sole proprietors including pre-assessment of business investment loss
    • Payroll Audits (T4) including PIER, CPP and EI discrepancy, Trust Accounts
    • GST/HST/ QST/PST including:
      • Pre-Assessment Reviews
      • Post-Assessment Reviews
      • New Housing Rebate
    • Employer Compliance Audits
    • WSIB Ontario
  • Free access to MPW Educational Webinars

Coverage is extended where MPW has prepared and submitted these other items:

  • Election for a Capital Dividend
  • Notice of Objections
  • Ontario Employee Health Tax
  • Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS)
  • Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)
  • Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA)
  • All Canada Rent Assistance Programs including Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance Program (CECRA) and Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy Program (CERS)

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